Date Events
2021 Sep. 13 The 8th World Congress for Hallyu (Oxford) Scheduled
2020 All activities cancelled due to Coronavirus
2019 Jan. 20 The 7th World Congress for Hallyu (Jerusalem)
2018 Nov. 16 The 6th World Congress for Hallyu (Osaka)
2018 Jan. 30 The 5th General Assembly and Board of Directors
2018 Jan. 30 The 5th World Congress for Hallyu (Seoul)
2017 Sep. 20 The 5th World Congress for Hallyu (Seoul)
2017 Jan. 25 The 4th General Assembly and Board of Directors
2016 Sep. 26 The 4th World Congress for Hallyu (Oxford)
2016 Sep. The 4th WAHS Essay/Article Contest
2016 Sep. The 1st Hallyu Video Contest
2016 Jan. 27 The 3rd General Assembly and Forum
2015 Nov. 03 The 3rd World Congress for Hallyu (Dubai)
2015 Nov. The 3rd WAHS Essay/Article Contest
2015 Oct. 14 Seminar on Korea- France Cultural Exchanges : 2015 The New Korean Pop Culture
2015 June. 19 Joining of Hallyu Strategy Council
2015 May. 23 Seminar on K- Design Sponsorship
2015 Jan. 26 The 2nd General Assembly
2014 Oct. 31 The 2nd World Congress for Hallyu (Argentina)
2014 Oct. The 2nd WAHS Essay/Article Contest
2014 Oct.10 The Strategy Study Conference for Hallyu
2014 Jul. 15 WAHS and MOFA signed the Framework of Cooperation
2014 Feb. 10 Hallyu Conference (Argentina)
2014 Jan. 20 The 1st General Assembly and Forum
2013 Oct. 18 The 1st World Congress for Hallyu (Seoul)
2013 Oct. The 1st WAHS Essay/Article Contest
2013 Aug. 19 Global branches established
2013 May. 07 Hallyu Conference (Middle East Branch/Hebrew University)
2013 Mar. 29 Incorporation and Registration
2013 Mar. 11 Permission of Incorporation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea
2013 Jan. 28 Founding General Meeting (Daewoo Foundation Bldg.)
2012 Oct. 24 The 1st General meeting of Incorporators(Conference House Dalgaebi)
2012 Jul. 10 The 1st meeting of Incorporators